About Us

evereone was created by the team at REfficient after we saw unneeded materials, such as pallets, arising through our processes. REfficient has always been a leader in repurposing – whether through the core telecom/AV business or how we run the business internally. At our offices, the desks are made from doors, the boardroom table is made from a section of an old bowling alley lane, and the benches are rebuilt telecom crates. REfficient staff and visitors have loved it. 
The team noticed that more people wanted repurposed and upcycled items, but did not know where or how to access them, or at an affordable price. At the same time, REfficient’s large customers emphasized that they wanted to buy green and put sustainable procurement into practice. Our REfficient team saw an opportunity to reduce our waste and bring upcycled products to market.


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