All of our pieces are hand crafted here in Hamilton, using mostly reclaimed materials that would otherwise end up in our Landfills. Our reclaimed wood is the perfect ecofriendly wood substitute for building projects that is a stylish and affordable. Large wooden spools, which were once the home to telecom cable, can become unique ecofriendly tabletops, coffee tables and more. Our varieties of upcycled pallet products are great additions to any home or business.

Reclaimed Wood Products
Most of our reclaimed wood comes from old and broken shipping pallets and is repurposed into a new life through a collection, dismantling and, depending on what you buy, planning process. The wood is a mixture of spruce, pine and fir, with the occasional piece of oak or walnut.

Reclaimed Wood

The recycled wood is full of character for the rustic modern look. Its uses are endless! Pallet furniture, reclaimed wood shelves, wall decor and so much more:
Table Tops

                                       Table Top                                      

Made from reclaimed wood with a clear coat finish this table top would make a great coffee table or bench, all handmade and ready for legs of your choice. We can customize the table tops in any shape and size. Please click on the link for more details.

Table Top
A stunning “wow piece” and attention-grabber, this tabletop is made to impress. Rustic, chic and eco-friendly, this tabletop is made entirely from reclaimed wood using evereone’s side slat technique.
This is not your typical wood table, it's incredibly sturdy (1.5” thick for the tabletop). Criss-cross legs shown, but basic straight legs are available. A stunning “wow piece” and attention-grabber, this tabletop is made to impress. Rustic, chic and eco-friendly, this tabletop is made entirely from reclaimed wood using evereone’s side slat technique.


Your home speaks to who you are, and we know you are stylish, modern and eco-conscious. These upcycled trays are all of those things too! Made from reclaimed pallet wood and surplus handles – for every 240 we create an entire tree is saved. They are perfect for serving or being used as a décor piece and conversation starter. This listing is for a Small tray of 12"x9".



A one of a kind conversation piece, this rustic credenza is perfect for any home and setting. Made entirely of reclaimed wood, this ecofriendly furniture is handmade and can be custom designed for your living space.
It has four (4) doors and a shelf inside for extra storage space, perfect for any office looking to jazz up the workplace. The metal accents attached add a nice rustic touch to this upcycled furniture.
& Even a Candy Dispenser

Candy Dispenser
You need candy to get you through the day. Made from reclaimed wood this 12" tall candy dispenser does the job to fuel you. Fill it up with your favourite sugar - M&Ms, jelly beans, chocolate balls, mints, or small gum balls - whatever gets you going!
Don't think your can have your candy and eat it too at your desk? We have a smaller desktop version available. Even better - you can brand it with your logo and display it front and centre in your office.
It makes eating candy even more fun, plus acting a perfect storage and organization tool. Good for offices, kitchen and dining, home decor and especially if you're looking to add a little pizzaz to your food and dining setting.
Eco Promo Products
Get your brand known in eco-style! Our upcycled promotional products use redundant materials, and are designed and manufactured into different, brand new products. Upcycling is highly beneficial for the environment, as less material goes to landfill. So why not brand upcycled material such as this reclaimed wood cutting board/cheeseboard. This reclaimed wood cutting board or cheeseboard are both functional and attractive. This product is sealed with a food-safe vegan shellac finish and can double as both a cutting board and cheeseboard. 
Are you getting married? Having a country chic wedding?
Have you been looking for that perfect wedding money box? Want to keep it forever? Or do you only need it for a few amazing days? 
If you would only like to use our products for a few days for rental purposes we have the option available on non-custom products. Check out this cute Chalkboard style Post Box, for any occasion.
Most of our products may be customized, if you would like to customize a piece, please contact for more information.
Our products are available for purchase or rental online & in store, contact us.